99 cent sale on a psychological thriller

Heads up! 99 Cent Sale the 23rd thru the 25th. Amazon US and UK Life events, Like a pebble thrown in a stream, have a ripple effect. After her mom’s death, Amy thinks a new start will help with her anxiety. The big move instead, lands her in the middle of a psychological, murder, mystery. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Deadly-Afflictions-P-S-Winn-ebook/dp/B01N278AVP/ Continue reading 99 cent sale on a psychological thriller

Mystery, murder and a bit of fun

Coffee and Crime by Anita Rodgers gets 5 stars for being a fun read. I enjoyed this quirky mystery written with a touch of humor. Because of the author’s flowing writing style the over four hundred page book feels much shorter. Scotti Fitzgerald is a lady I’d like to meet. Right now, she is a waitress and chef at a restaurant. She would love to own the place, and thinks she might have a backer. the the worst happens, that man is found dead. A mysterious letter found in a briefcase sends Scotti on an adventure to uncover a mysterious death … Continue reading Mystery, murder and a bit of fun


Let your light shine by Susan Elliot is a 4 star inspiration. I enjoyed this uplifting book with a great message to all. The author shows that being a good Samaritan is much easier than one would think and can start with just a small gesture of kindness, The author uses Bible Quotes, her own experiences and some good old fashioned common sense in this book that will touch the heart and lighten the load. Continue reading Inspiration!

Mari Collier is an amazing author

Finished Book 2 in a great series. Four stars for the second book in the series that continues the saga of aliens in America. If you didn’t know this was a science fiction story you would find yourself caught up in a history lesson of the old west. Anna and Zeb are not your ordinary people living through the horrendous time when civil war captured America. The two are aliens living in this world and the story of Anna, Zeb and their children takes readers on an incredible journey. The series is interesting and the author does a great job … Continue reading Mari Collier is an amazing author

Meet Viv Drewa

This lady is a great author of several books and a promoter to fellow authors. Her book “Midnight Owl” is a great 5 star mystery. When first a leg is discovered in the park by Amy Lang, then more body parts show up, the police know they have a demented killer on their hands.Then parts of another body start showing up. Detectives Leverette and Marsden know something strange is going on, but they have only scratched the surface is this suspense filled novel that has a touch of the supernatural and is going to have readers clinging to the pages. For … Continue reading Meet Viv Drewa

FREE Book by a great author

This thriller is Free today. My review – 5 stars for a fiction book that could easily be fact! This is an intriguing book and the author did an amazing job with a subject that is a bit taboo. A serial rapist is on the loose of a college campus, when the rapist who the university calls the Campus Rapist and who calls himself the ghost, kills one of the women already raped, Detective Jeanne De Leon is brought in and thank goodness. While local cops are making a mockery of everything, Jeanne is on a hunt to bring the … Continue reading FREE Book by a great author